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Congestion Relief & Energy Savings

The transit benefit helps millions of Americans keep their hard-earned dollars in their pockets. But the transit benefit isn't just about saving money.

Commuter benefits are helping to reduce traffic congestion in our communities, while also reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy. When offered commuter benefits, nearly 1 in 5 people shift from single occupancy vehicles to public transportation.

Getting people out of their cars and into public transportation helps conserve billions of gallons of oil. This, in turn, reduces our dependence on foreign sources of energy. According to the Texas Transportation Institute, in 2011 alone, the use of public transportation helped conserve 450 million gallons of fuel.

The result: In 2014, it is estimated that Americans took nearly 11 billion trips in vanpools and public transportation. For 2011 (the latest data available), those trips eliminated 865 million hours of delay for drivers, and saved $20 billion in lost time and fuel. Projections for 2015 indicate additional growth in all categories.

The Transit Benefit supports energy conservation!

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