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Tax Savings
Tax Savings for Working Families

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Transportation is the second largest household expense for most working families. How much does the transit portion of commuter benefits help these families? Employees can save up to $1200* annually.

It is estimated that 3 million working American families at all income levels now take advantage of the transit portion of the Commuter Benefit program to help defray the cost of getting to work. This employer provided benefit is a win-win for employees and their employers. Both groups receive tax benefits. The benefit lowers the cost of commuting for public transportation and vanpools, further increasing savings related to using public transportation rather than driving.

Working Americans are eligible for the benefit as long as their employer offers it. So, many more people could effectively increase their take-home pay by using commuter benefits.

Let Congress know how much working families care about saving money on their commute.

*Tax savings are for informational purposes only and are based upon monthly pre-tax deductions of $255 for a transit benefit. Individual savings may vary based upon income, individual tax rates, state of residence and other factors. Please consult your tax advisor.